Off-Road style front bumper lip (Cover) for Volkswagen Tiguan 2

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Parsan Atelier's "Off-road style" front bumper cover for Volkswagen Tiguan 2nd generation (2016-2021).
It is the perfect solution to protect your vehicle from damage and scratches.
This cover is made of quality ABS plastic, which gives the front cover strength and durability.
In this way, you will provide your car with additional protection from external influences and an attractive appearance.
Thanks to its durability, it will be able to withstand small impacts and will not lose its original appearance.
The front bumper cover is already painted in Gloss Silver Metallic and has a stylish and modern design that will harmonize with the overall appearance of your car. It is made taking into account all the features of the Tiguan 2 model, which allows you to achieve a perfect fit and maximum protection.

Item Content:

• PARSAN front bumper Lip "Off-road style" for Volkswagen Tiguan 2 - 1 pc. 
*Exclusively for pre-facelift version and conventional bumper.

Useful Information:
Not suitable for vehicles equipped with Offroad, Sportline, R-Line bumper packages.
Also not suitable for the restyled versions, exclusively for the pre-restyling versions of the Tiguan 2 (2016-2021).
Not suitable for Tiguan Allspace MK2

• High quality ABS-Plastic 

Features of this lip:
• Bolt on!
• Surface painted: Silver metallic, Glossy lacquer
• Made of ABS plastic, this is not FRP
• This cover can be fastened with Bolts / Black car sealant.

This front cover is compatible with this cars:

Europe & World:

Volkswagen Tiguan (Mk 2), 2 Gen, SUV, Years: 01.2016 - 07.2020, Body: AD1

Japan & World:
Volkswagen Tiguan (Mk 2), 2 Gen, SUV, Years: 01.2017 - 04.2021, Body: 5NCZD, 5NCZE, 5NDFGF

Years of issue Tiguan: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

The way of fixing the lining - it is bolted on (install in the already made holes in the lining)
If necessary, the perimeter can be fixed with double-sided automotive adhesive tape 3M. This allows you to install the overlay quickly and easily, without the need for complex installation work.
It can also be installed with black automotive adhesive sealant.

Advantages of ABS plastic:
Optimal combination of shock resistance and elasticity provides longevity of the products.
• Under light torsion loads plastic elements restore their original shape without residual deformation.
• High dimensional stability which allows manufacturing of complex molded products with high accuracy.
• Good adhesion to paint materials, which allows them to paint products in any desired color.

Material of this front bumper lip cover:
Different materials are used for manufacturing car tuning elements, the beauty, practicality and durability of the parts depend on their properties. To make you satisfied with the results, Rising Tuning manufactures and procures car parts including ABS plastic, a polymer that differs favorably from other materials. This plastic demonstrates increased impact resistance, in which it surpasses styrene copolymers - polystyrene. This material is also characterized by mechanical stiffness and strength, wear resistance and resistance to deformation and melting in short-term heating up to 100 degrees Celsius. At temperatures up to 70-80 degrees Celsius, products made of this polymer can be used for a long time without their qualities deteriorating and while maintaining dimensional stability. These properties allow to use ABS plastic for manufacturing of the most various elements of car body

  • Volkswagen
    • Tiguan
      • II 2016-present (MK2)


Product rating Off-Road style front bumper lip (Cover) for Volkswagen Tiguan 2

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