Snorkel Kit For Mitsubishi Pajero & Mitsubishi Montero 2 Gen, Shogun | 1997 - 1999

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Snorkel Kit For Mitsubishi Pajero & Mitsubishi Montero & Shogun - 2 Generation (1997 - 1999)

The principle of the snorkel is very simple. Any engine needs a supply of clean air, since its operation is based on ignition of the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinders. Clean air enters the engine through air intakes, in a typical car located at fender or hood level. In adverse conditions the intake of clean air can be difficult:

• On dusty (sandy) roads, the air intakes take in air that the air filter can't handle;
When crossing water obstacles, there is a risk that the air intakes will be flooded with water.
The first problem threatens to quickly foul the air filter and get dust and dirt into the engine cylinders, as well as reducing the volume of air flowing into the engine combustion chambers. As a result, the fuel-air mixture ratio is disturbed and oxygen starvation of the engine begins. As a result, the fuel does not burn completely, which leads to a reduction in engine power, and in the long run, threatens its repair.

• The second problem is even more troublesome. The ingress of water into the air intakes and then into the engine combustion chambers is called engine water hammer. Since water is an incompressible object, the water plug formed in the cylinder leads to multiple increases in pressure. The moving piston, trying to complete the stroke, destroys the cylinder. The result of water hammer can be broken pistons, bent connecting rods or a ruptured cylinder block. In most cases, a water hammer completely destroys the cylinder-piston group of an engine.


- Made of high-quality LLDPE plastic (this is not FRP)

- Material thickness 3 mm
- Surface finish: Black textured can be used as
- Easy to install item, It fits perfectly!

Properties of the snorkel material:

The main advantages of LLDPE compared to other polyethylenes are high physical and mechanical properties, higher chemical resistance, better performance at low and high temperatures, greater surface gloss and greater resistance to cracking. LLDPE has higher elongation at break and tensile strength. Its higher melting point of 118°C makes it suitable for packaging hot products. Unlike HDPE it can withstand higher elongation ratios. Characterized by good elasticity of the melt due to many short lateral branches, which when deformed as if sliding over each other, without developing significant internal stresse

Kit contents:

One snorkel with fitting kit

Car models compatible with this spoiler snorkel:
• Mitsubishi Pajero MK2 05.1997 - 08.1999, Body: V21W, V23C, V25W, V55W, V26C, V26WG, V45W, V46V, V46W, V46WG
• Mitsubishi Montero MK2 05.1997 - 08.1999, Body: V21W, V23C, V25W, V55W, V26C, V26WG, V45W, V46V, V46W, V46WG

Suitable engine models:
• Gasoline 6G72 3.0 Litre - V6
• Diesel 4D56-T 2.5 Litre - I4

Features of the installed snorkel for Mitsubishi Pajero Montero & Shogun 1997-1999:
• Improve airflow into the engine, allow cleaner air into the engine, help the engine breath easier.
• Raise the air-intake above the water level.
• Fuel saving
• Protect engine, improve the performance of your 4x4.
• The Cool Factor, a snorkel on your 4x4 does look ultra cool. 

  • Mitsubishi
    • Montero
      • II 1991-1999 (V20)
    • Pajero
      • II 1991-1997 (V20, V30, V40)
      • II 1997-1999 (V20, V30, V40) Restyling



Product rating Snorkel Kit For Mitsubishi Pajero & Mitsubishi Montero 2 Gen, Shogun | 1997 - 1999

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