KEIN Lift Kit +2″ for Subaru Legacy 4th, Outback 3rd Gen | BP BL

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New at RisingTuning, the KEIN Lift Kit for the 3rd generation Subaru Outback & 4th gen Subaru Legacy.
What is its main difference from other lift kits? First - Front spacers have height 50mm, and at increase in clearance more than 2 inches radically changes angle of wheel convergence, that is why spacers are made with displacement, such decision leaves possibility to adjust suspension more accurately and drive comfortably not only off road but also on highway, amplitude of angles adjustment (camber and caster) remains on factory values. Front spacers are mirrored and navigated for installation, for the right side you need spacer R, respectively for the left side - L. And also the arrows will show you which side to install it.

Item content:

• 2x Front steel spacers with axis offset | 50 mm / 2 inches
• 2x Rear steel spacers | 50 mm / 2 inches
• 2x Trailing arm spacers | 50 mm / 2 inches
• 2x Rear subframe brace spacers | 50 mm / 2 inches 
• 4x Rear subframe spacers | 50 mm / 2 inches 
• 2x Brake hose transfer brackets

Fastening elements:
• x8 M8 nuts,
• x4 M10 nuts.
• x6 bolts M14/L90mm
• x4 bolts M14/L200mm
• x2 bolts M10/L75mm
• x2 bolts M8/L16mm

• Material: Steel
• Thickness: 3mm
• Welding Procedure: MIG
• Surface finish: Professionally powder-coated.
• Hardware metric grade 10.9 zinc

Weight: 9.8kg.

This kit was originally created for the Subaru Outback wagon, it has higher ground clearance and therefore this kit includes extended bolts. If you have a Legacy or sedan version BL, you may have to shorten some of the bolts when installing the lift kit, for a more aesthetic and complete look, as well as to ensure that they do not interfere with operation. This is part of the unification of production in order to allow all people to install the kit. Long bolts can be shortened, but short bolts cannot. Regards RisingTuning team.

This complete lift kit is compatible with this cars:


Europe & World:
Subaru Legacy [BL/B13], 4 Gen, Sedan, 05.2003 - 08.2006, Body: BL5, BL9, BLE
Subaru Legacy [BP/B13], 4 Gen, Wagon, 05.2003 - 08.2006, Body: BP5, BP9, BPE
Subaru Legacy [BL/B13], 4 Gen Facelift, Wagon, 05.2006 - 08.2009, Body: BL, BL5, BLD, BLE
Subaru Legacy [BP/B13], 4 Gen Facelift, Sedan, 05.2006 - 08.2009, Body: BP5, BP9, BPE

Japan & World:
Subaru Legacy [BP/B13], 4 Gen, Wagon, 05.2003 - 04.2006, Body: BP5, BPE
Subaru Legacy [BP/B13], 4 Gen Facelift, Wagon, 05.2006 - 04.2009, Body: BP5, BP9, BPE


Japan & World:
Subaru Legacy B4 [BL], 4 Gen, Sedan, 06.2003 - 04.2006, Body: BL5, BLE
Subaru Legacy B4 [BL], 4 Gen Facelift, Sedan, 05.2006 - 04.2009, Body: BL5, BL9, BLE


USA & Europe & World:
Subaru Outback [BP/BL], 3 Gen, Sedan & Wagon, 10.2003 - 08.2006, Body: BP, BP9
Subaru Outback [BP/BL], 3 Gen Facelift, Sedan & Wagon, 05.2006 - 09.2009, Body: BP, BP9, BPD

Japan & World:
Subaru Outback [BP], 3 Gen, Wagon, 10.2003 - 04.2006, Body: BP9, BPE
Subaru Outback [BP], 3 Gen Facelift, Wagon, 05.2006 - 04.2009, Body: BPH, BP9, BPE

Years of issue: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Useful information:
In Australian market the car was sold under the name Subaru Liberty.
In Japan, the export version was also sold in the domestic market as Subaru Legacy B4 (BL). And the domestic model was simply the Subaru Legacy.
Subaru Legacy 
in the sedan version was sold only for the U.S. market, as a solution for station wagons was Subaru Outback BP.

KEIN division has its own engineering department and are our direct partners, the RisingTuning team. All products created by KEIN are modeled in CAD where the factory drawings of the suspension are used to create the part, thus achieving maximum accuracy in measurements when creating the part. Before the prototype all stresses and loads are measured in simulation in order to identify the most reliable and correct design solutions taking into account the steel grade and the upcoming not only direct loads but also the natural environment - the correct alloy, steel thickness and its additives are selected to give the required properties to the product. After identifying the best solutions a prototype is created which undergoes physical tests and only after successful tests the finished serial products are created.

✅ After installing this extra-durable, easy-to-install and very affordable spacers all terrain features of your car will increase thanks to rised ground clearance and you will conquer the worst off-road.
✅ Sharp land bends, speed bumps, parking near curbs, maneuvering in the snow and on country roads, wherever before you had to be on the alert - no longer a problem with an additional 50mm under the bottom.
✅ Our spacers are often used when the stock springs lose their stiffness and spacers are the cheaper way to return the car to factory height than buying new springs.
✅ Spacers made of polyurethane and nylon have an additional damping effect, with them the ride will be even more pleasant. Whereas aluminum and steel spacers are essentially forever and will never need to be replaced.
✅ Also spacers are indispensable when installing larger diameter wheels.

  • Subaru
    • Legacy / Liberty
      • IV 2003-2006 (BP,BL)
      • IV 2006-2009 (BP,BL)
    • Outback / Lancaster
      • III 2003-2006 (BL, BP)
      • III 2006-2009 (BP)


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